The Creatures live in a world of abundance.  Bartering is non-existent and there is no explicit hierarchy.  However there is a secret about the Creatures that walk beside the lobsters: they long to ride the lobsters (that would be unethical).

An eclipse of the sun sticks, and lingers far too long.  The darkness saps the health of a fruit tree.  A Creature has baked and halved a few fresh rolls, cooling outside.  The fruit tree sheds its leaves onto a hot sliced bun.  A different Creature naively eats the bun with sandwiched leaves and is delighted.  The hamburger is born.

Creatures dig into the earth to begin building a hamburger factory.  They unearth a cavern of eagerly obedient pink cookie elephants.  The pink cookie elephant becomes the first domesticated animal, put to work in the hamburger factory.  The civilization becomes partially sub-terrestrial.  While digging to make room for the factory’s gear the Creatures unearth a giant gem, which they care for and swaddle in scarves and ear muffs.

The Creatures soon uncover a panel that reads “Never Judge a Mango by its Color," an aphorism of such potential importance they post the sign on a hillside and gather to ponder its profundity.  The sky-fish float in to observe.

Piercing further beneath ground Creatures discover streak spirits that promptly become the second subordinated group of beings.  Creatures ride them through the subterranean caverns while the lobsters look on phlegmatically.

Breaking earth on another hamburger factory, some Creatures slice into an untouched mountain and its innards ooze out.  The Creatures see this and are overwhelmed with remorse.  The gash in the mountain triggers an eruption.  The mountainside blasts into the air and then stays afloat.  Spirits of the deceased haunting lakes below the Creature’s caverns extinguish the fires from the eruption with rain.

On a mountaintop a Creature sits in the rain and inflates a balloon.  It engulfs the world as far as he can see, which he thinks is pretty darn great.